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Brigit with Susan Kaplan
Eric Klefbom
Read what teachers everywhere have to say about Focus on Languages® Teacher Training Courses.


"When I was first in one of your classes, I was inspired to become a teacher. You were having such a good time that I wanted to teach too."



"My favorite teacher is Brigit--she's great. She's demanding but motivating. She took a group of us to Montessori Preschool and Redwood High School to show us American teaching methods in action."
Statement originally published on "English Language Programs at American Universities" by ASPECT International Language Schools



"I'm using ideas that I brought from my classes with you and my students are enjoying them very much."



"Though I didn't think I could be a teacher of Italian here in the US, you showed me how to assess students, make and teach lessons, as well how to market and charge for my classes. I was able to earn extra income."

L. S., Italian Instructor
San Anselmo, CA


"I wish I could take more of your classes on how to teach English. I will use the lessons you gave us in my own classes."



"In Italy we don't have teachers like you who make lessons alive and profitable. I often talk about you to my friends saying I really enjoyed your classes."



"Everything was just as you said it would be! The things I learned from you helped me set myself up teaching English in Florence, despite not speaking Italian."


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