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  Brigit & Rosa Wang  
  Brigit (left) with Rosa Wang,
Clinical Research Manager
Sandoz Pharmaceutical Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan
  Hear what professionals and executives from all over the world had to say about their Professional English courses at Focus on Languages®.  

"You showed me how to have a successful business dinner and how to hold meetings for my colleagues who speak English."


"I learned to speak in front of Americans and talk to them about my research. I could also find out how to write reports better and understand more when Americans talk."


"Your course made the difference for me! I was able to have business meetings, drive and see the most incredible things in San Francisco thanks to your classes. I could compare local businesses with my own. I will tell my business partners to go to you."


"Thank you for preparing me for and organizing my visit to the Seybold Computer Fair in San Francisco. Thanks, too for introducing me to local Webmasters. I am sure I will get a great job with this preparation and improved English skills. Come see me when you are in Rome."


"I'm glad I stayed longer and took your Marketing Class. It really helped me. You are a good teacher and your classes were really interesting!"


"Your classes really prepared me to talk to my American colleagues. I learned to understand people better and present my company's services in English."


"Thank you for your Advertising Class. I could know about the practical way to set up an event and speak to the people who come. I learned about Marketing Research, too. It was important for me."


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