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Many adults think that learning a new language after they are grown is almost impossible, After all they took 3 years of high school or university French, English or Spanish and can't speak a word.

Don't worry! In just a few short months, you and/or your staff will be able to converse in the language needed for your business. With Focus on Languages' fun and unique method for teaching Languages for the Workplace you will be more prepared to communicate effectively and, as a result, your business will become lore profitable. Look at what satisfied clients have to say.


"Guests and employee satisfaction increased after my housekeepers were able to communicate more effictively."



"We had more satisfied guests and job efficiency went up due to better communication."



"I could do my job better, talk to guests and understand my boss' instructions much better after this course. Because the course was free to workers, we felt the hotel cared about the employees."



"One of thekeys to growing your company and inspiring your employees is to give them the tools to better do their job. For Joie de Vivre hotels, engaging the non-native English speakers in work-specific English classes was extremely useful."

Chip C.
Founder Joie de Vivre Hotels, San Francisco, CA


"Focus on Languages' Strategy Executive Writing course was essential to streamlining the internal and external business communications at GSA. By participating in this course, the managers were able to eliminate a lot of red tape, simply by writing documents more clearly and concisely."


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